"If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten."

- Rudyard Kipling, The Collected Works

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#1. The Superior Power That Was Temperorily Suppressed


There once was a married woman who was apprehended by an act of deceit, and chained at a solitary. The abductor persuaded her repeatedly to accept his proposal for companionship, so that she can be relieved from the arrest. He promised to give her the highest place in his life, if accepted. But, nothing exalted her. Even with persistent persuasion, she remained repulsive. The only weapon she used against him is silence. She waited with lot of patience hoping to be rescued by her husband one day.


And, there is a man, the husband on the other end, who is experiencing a grief to the highest level on this separation. He asked trees, birds, and all other life forms if they had seen the apprehended woman. He was that desperate. Why wouldn't he? It was his soul that had been stolen. The moment she was taken away, his bliss evacuated. It is just not he, but the whole world wanted their communion to happen as soon as possible.


There lived another being, as part of this story. He is so powerful, that without even presenting a moment to react, he can defeat his opponent of any kind. He watched the woman's suffering for a while hiding behind the branches of a tree, when sent on a mission to find her location of captivity. He could not withstand. He wanted to react. If he did, the woman would have been instantly landed to where she belonged. But, he did not. He just did his duty as a messenger to relay news on her husband's arrival in coming days to provide comfort for her suffering. His instructions was to jot down her location, provide a relief, and keep her hopes alive through her husband's message.


Lets talk about one more detail about the husband. In one phrase, he can be described as the 'incarnation of the ultimate'. Any subject or object that is at its supreme or lowest level, that is he. He is the highest of the highest power, to the lowest of the lowest. He is the cosmological force, personified on this planet.


Now, a conundrum appears. If he is the supreme, then breaking the shackles that chained his wife far away on the other side of the oceanic waters, a simple task? The deceitful can be easily captured by the utilization of his inherent forces. There cannot be any anti-force in this universe which can stop him.


But, that mighty force was suppressed temporarily. He took help from everyone ranging from the strong community of Vanaras, to the meager squirrel. All forms of assistance were accepted in this endeavor. He marched forward like a desperate and spirited warrior.


After constant struggle, hope, and help, the time had arrived to release the mighty power so far suppressed. In doing so, the opponent was captured to death. The misplaced soul enjoined its counterpart, after one year of intense separation.


Anyone who is familiar with the Hindu mythology can deduce the above premise as the saga from one of the ancient mythological text 'Ramayanam' written by sage Valmiki. The apprehended woman was Sita, who is none other than the personified universal Shakthi. The husband was Sri Rama, an incarnation of lord Vishnu. And the messenger, a vanara named Hanuman, who is an amsha (Sanskrit word refers to 'facet') of lord Rudra. The abductor is an asura named, Ravana (another name 'Dashakanta')


Certain questions are to be proposed here after going through this mythological story, and, they are:


Why was this suffering allowed despite three of the superior forces present in the arena?


Why did the woman who is an embodiment of universal shakthi displayed extreme patience?


Why did the vanara, who can destroy any opponent in one mighty blow, remained calm?


Why did the man who is none other than the ultimate, suppressed his forces, only to be released until the final moments?


And finally, why was all this destined to happen? Is the purpose of this incarnation just to eradicate Ravana asura?


These questions are something to be pondered over.

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