"A story is a journey that may or may not end at exactly where we wanted to be. But, ultimately it reaches the reality of life."

Santhosh's writing journey began with a short story. He believes that a story how small it may be can be a never ending saga with unlimited turnarounds. Its like someone picks up where it was left off. And, that would be the beauty of a story, a medium to ponder upon innumerable possibilities.


Below, you will find stories from Santhosh's journal. They are available to download for the readers.

Short Stories

Happy Abandonment

Two friends, also widowers, Ramsi and Taasri, were retired from their jobs and living their rest of lives along with their families. They visited an old age home at the request of Ramsi’s nephew, so as to bring some cheer to the lonely and dejected people, who felt abandoned by their families.

As he introduced some of the residents of the home, Ramsi’s nephew said to them, "Her son left her here one day. His daughter dropped him here because her husband did not want him to stay with them. She promised to take him back after convincing her husband. This was two years ago, and he still resides here."

Both friends spent some time every day with the residents, who became rejuvenated during their brief stay. However, once they left, everyone returned to a dejected state.

After several weeks, one day when they were at the old age home, Taasri said to Ramsi, "I am glad our sons are not like them who mercilessly abandoned.....

A Great Steal

Story about a stealing that was committed for a very right reason 

That evening, Chora exited the house, fuming to such an extent that he would soon burst if no efforts were made to cool his psyche. The steamy conversation between him and his elders that ended moments ago formed a catalyst to ignite this long-overdue fire in him. Since both sides blamed each other for this rift, no one could come to an agreement about how to end it. It had almost broken the cords, especially between Chora and his father, and they may never get re-attached. 


Being the eldest of the three, Chora was obligated to carry on their family legacy, which was greatly recognized by the locals. When he reached maturity, destiny routed him toward a direction contrary to that which his family intended. He got pleasure in stealing possessions from his pals, starting as early as his boyhood days. The passion that began with meager items gradually transformed into wealthy possessions, landing him in his current state, and there was no indication that his uncharacteristic state would end anytime soon.....

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