There were two individuals, who always debated at each other's approach towards finding the God.


One said, "I would find the God in me, and no where else", while the other contradicted by saying, "I would find my God in the idol I pray everyday. He could not be found anywhere else. One day, I will see him walking out of that idol to prove my belief!"


Both could not agree to each other, and were adamant to prove their method to be the right approach. So, one who wanted to find God inside him went into a forest for meditation, while other prayed his Idol every day with devotion.


After several years, one day, an inner light was felt strongly by the one who was meditating. As he opened his eyes, he could see a celestial airplane landing in front. Attendants from the plane requested him to board the plane so they can take him to God. He felt ecstatic that his mission was successful, at the same time pitied the other man on his failure.


On the areal route, the plane stopped at a location. On asking reason for the halt, it was mentioned that they are picking another man as ordered. To his surprise, they picked the other man, who he had debated earlier with.


"So, finally you followed what I said, and succeed", said the man who is sitting in the plane, while the other sat next to him.


He responded, "No, I followed what I said, and so succeeded!"


There was a questionable face with this response.


Both were landed in front of the lord. They immersed in his bliss for a while. 


And then, a question was asked to God onto who followed the right approach. 


God smiled, and said, "Both! How can you both be here, if only one of them is right?"


Understandably, both looked confused.


To resolve their confusion, the God declared, "In displaying your devotion, one went inward, and one went outward. The things that are deemed necessary in both these approaches are honesty and faith, which you both exhibited throughout the process.You both did what was needed, which carried you to me, though the routes chosen were different. To bring this to your realization, I presented you both an opportunity for this brief visit. Go back and preach this truth to everyone."


In the next moment, both found themselves at the same location where they were picked up.


From that day, instead of debating, both respected each other's efforts and preached about the direction of God-ward.

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