The Frog's Unfortunate Pride


There lived a frog who used to watch a royal procession with delight whenever happened in that kingdom. It stood on side lines and felt ecstatic looking at the grandeur king riding on a mighty elephant.


One day, as it hopped across bunch of shrubs, a gold coin was found lurking under one of the shrub. The frog claimed it, and kept to itself.


The time came for the next royal procession, after several days. The frog who was always enthusiastic to watch the ceremony from the side lines, did not show much interest this time. Instead, it carried the gold coin that was claimed and was crossing the pathway right in front of the elephant while the procession was in progress, not caring much about the king and the mighty elephant! 


The mighty elephant did not care about the frog either, and continued its walk. This irked the frog. And so, it held the hand up signalling the elephant to stop the walk. 


On asking the reason for that action, the frog responded, "Can't you see that I am crossing the road. Pause your walk until I go to the other side. You can resume your walk with my signal!"

In saying that, the frog deliberately displayed the gold coin indicating the possession.


But, both the king and the elephant did not care about the frog. The walk continued. The frog stood there adamantly in expectation that the elephant would obey the order. But the result was otherwise, as the frog got crushed under the hefty feet. The coin rolled off from the frog's dead body towards a lizard standing on the other side. The hope is that, the lizard will think clear than the dead frog.


On other version of the story, if the frog would have stayed sidelined with the coin as usual, both the frog and coin would have remained as destined. But the frog's arrogance combined with foolishness altered their destiny.

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