The Man who Stood Last


A massive earthquake had hit a remote village and got disconnected from the outside world aftermath the catastrophe. After four days, authorities were able to send a shipment of necessary supplies to this region. As and when they approached the boundaries of the village, they saw a man lurking around the rubble. 


They inquired him about his situation. He mentioned that his wife and three kids survived, and are currently under the shelter of an abandoned house. Pointing out the rubble, he also said that his house was completely grounded. He was going through the rubble to find any blankets they can use to shield the cold during night times. 


Feeling pity, one of the member responded that they were sent by the government to help the affected, and gave him some blankets. He gladly took them. 


After a while he came back and asked for two more. They offered him, but kindly said that they cannot offer more than needed to one household due to the constraints on their supplies.


The man came back again and requested for four more blankets. The authorities raised their eyebrows, but in order to support their humanitarian act, they offered what he asked for. They reminded him on the constraints one more time. After he left with those blankets, they all convened and decided that the man is selfish in taking more than needed, while others are deprived with no supplies. They decided not to offer him anymore, if he comes back.


He did not come back again.


After a while, the authorities started distributing blankets along with necessary supplies to the people affected. As they were going through all the streets to see if anyone are left without supplies, they came across the man who took blankets from them earlier and found that he and his family uncovered. They were surprised to see this.


Upon inquiring about the blankets, the man said that he gave them to other needy people who were hurt and were unable to come to the camp in collecting the blankets. They were surprised by his response not because he did not put his family first, but not even as last. One of the authority gently asked why he did not save the last set of blankets for his family.


He replied, "I did. I gave them to an old couple. They are part of my village, and so they are my family."


They were impressed by his humanitarian act. When asked if he can take some now, he questioned whether everyone in the village received one. They replied, yes, and was about to give four blankets. He stopped them and said, "I would need two blankets only. One for kids, my wife and me together can use one. I do not want to cut short your supplies by accepting more than needed. Someone might come for them later in the day."


The unit who misunderstood the man earlier were now been corrected.

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