The Rule of Inequality


A disciple asked his Guru, "Oh revered Guru, I always wonder why there cannot be equality between each of us, in regards to intelligence?"


The Guru reciprocated, "Why do you think you all need to be equally intelligent?"

He replied, "So that we do not have to differentiate each other based on the intellect. Currently, I see some of us feel inferior looking at intelligence of the other students. If we all are equally intelligent, I believe we all will prosper equally and find harmony among ourselves."


The Guru smiled at the disciple, who understood that 'some of us' referred in his statement also includes him. He said, "Ok, as you requested, I am blessing you all to become highly intelligent, equivalently in all aspects. The transformation will happen by the sunrise tomorrow. But, let me warn you. If you reveal this transformation to anyone, everything comes back to normal."


As Guru declared, everyone from next day became highly intelligent. Excitement prevailed for several days as they rejoiced their upgraded intellectual status. Gradually, over time, the zeal to learn diminished considering their situation of being aware of everything. The regular conversations that used to happen in the form of questions and answers stalled, as everyone knew everything that they have to talk about. Whenever Guru assigned them certain mundane jobs, they all did them effectively in very less time, and did not know how to spend the rest of the day. Boredom was spread through out. After some days, everyone turned out like a statues facing each other resulting in stagnated conditions. A sense of void was filled everywhere that exhausted all motivation to learn.


As it continued, after a month Guru asked the disciple whether he could find harmony as he expected. He replied, "I realized the actual truth. Being equally capable, we lost our balance. I could not find the harmony that I wished for. Please forgive my ignorance, and revert us to our natural state."


"Ok, by sunrise tomorrow everyone will come back to their originality. So, be it!", said the Guru, who taught him a lesson on the rule of inequality with this incident.


He further said, "The inequality prevailing in this world is not to be considered a societal issue. The highest mind should show compassion towards the lowest, while the lowest should always try to learn whatever he can from the highest to prosper himself. Both have to compensate each other, respecting both forms. Then comes the harmony. This whole world is being balanced only by these variations, but not on one dominating over other."


The Guru made him realize that every level had their own purpose, and these varied purposes will keep the world in balance.

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