Comfort from a Coffee Cup



The father came home after a stressful day. He was too tired to talk to anyone.


His six year old daughter watched, as her father collapsed on a sofa with his eyes closed. She understood that he is in no mood to play with her. She decided to comfort him, while not disturbing his privacy.


So, she slowly came towards him and touched his lap gently. Father opened his eyes experiencing the soft touch. In front was his daughter holding a cup.


She said, "Have a cup of coffee, Papa. This will make you feel better", and went back to her play.


It was an empty cup. It was not even a coffee cup from the kitchen, but a cup from her toy kitchen pantry set she was playing with.


The father soaked in comfort holding the cup. He thought that after several years from now, she may or may not be doing the same thing. She might not care as how she did now, in the future. But, at this moment he succumbed to his care-giving daughter.

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